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Repeat – What’s your financial New Year’s resolution?


Investments, will-writing and other financial resolutions for the 2022 to-do list

REPEAT: 2021, like 2020, was another turbulent year for most people’s finances, but the new year provides the perfect opportunity to set some “financial resolutions”.The guests on Money Clinic are millennial couple Toby and Siobhan and they’re looking for some timeless “fin-spiration” to get their money to work harder. They’ve paid off their credit cards under lockdown, and are wondering where to direct their spare cash. How much could they save if they overpaid their mortgage — and how would that compare to putting more into their pensions or other investments. There’s also one financial to-do that they’re been putting off for a long time — making a will. Money experts Ken Okoroafor from The Humble Penny and Dan Garrett, co-founder of digital will-writing service Farewill, provide expert tips.

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If you’re looking for fresh ideas about what to do with your money in 2021, Claer has asked podcast hosts from the finance and business world to share their financial New Year’s resolutions for 2021. Covering investing, saving, financial planning and side hustling, you can read insights from Patricia Bright (Caught Off Guard), Emma Gannon (Ctrl Alt Delete), Chris Browning (Popcorn Finance), the FT’s former editor Lionel Barber (What’s Next?) and many more by clicking on this link:

And here’s some further reading for listeners who are considering making a will. The pandemic has forced through legal changes making it much easier for people in England and Wales to make a “digital will” online. Read this FT Money piece to find out how:

And for a more general grounding in the topic, read this FT article – 10 things you need to know before making a will:

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