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Celebrating the top female mortgage leaders in the US

Mortgage Professional America has revealed the 2023 Elite Women awardees, 50 of the top female leaders in America’s mortgage industry. This year’s winners embody the values of strength and growth, and influence the industry by making a positive impact, driving societal change, and leaving a legacy.    

According to this year’s report, 79% of the nominees believe there is a lack of female leaders for younger women to look up to. Winners also shared how they endured challenging situations by being more vocal and working at least twice as hard as their male counterparts. They also emphasized the need for women to form alliances and recruit more women into the mortgage sector.   

  “We have amazing women working in this industry, and I believe now more than ever is the time for them to push into that uncomfortable zone and take the risks they know they need to,” said Cristy Ward, executive vice president, and chief strategy officer at Mortgage Connect.  

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