Business is booming.

How can brokers gain market share?

He recalled the onset of the Great Recession, pointing to those who personally endured it as the real OGs of the industry: “2008 was a mother******,” he said. “We know that, right? That was fun. When we go through up-and-down cycles, for a lot of people who went through it, they actually had less to lose – they actually used ’08 to accelerate the growth of their business. The problem is it’s now 2023, and it’s difficult for those people who navigated ’08. They’re in a different life cycle; they’re a little boujie; their investment is a little higher; they don’t go to the Holiday Inn on their vacation anymore. Now they’re caught because they’re softer.”

Lowering the boom

To counter that, he gave the crowd homework of sorts: “I don’t think anybody here is going to like what’s going to come out of my mouth. I, in the deepest of my heart with enormous compassion, deeply want happiness for everybody in this room – I want every single person here to post 12 different creative posts a day across five social networks. I want every person in this room after this talk to go home tomorrow and post between eight to 15 pieces of content on LinkedIn, YouTube shorts, Facebook, Instagram, Snap[chat] and Tik-Tok, and I want you to do it every day.”

After such a heady task, he rallied the crowd: “The data is undeniable that the companies, humans and service businesses that are outposting their competitive set are picking up market share,” he said. He likened the habit of posting on social media to his past battle with weight, forcing him to alter his diet and work out despite his dislike of both tactics.

There’s no turning back to old tried-and-true methods, he noted. Even those tools upon which we’ve long relied are now being weakened, he added. “Unfortunately, we’re not going back to the telephone the way we grew up if we’re over 50 here,” he said. “You’re not going to the wall and spin the thing and call,” he said, mimicking an anachronistic rotary dial telephone. “Even our precious Google that has been foundational to the way the world has worked over the last 20, 25 years is being challenged now with ChatGBT and artificial intelligence.

Inflation? High interest rates? The remedy: Get to posting!

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