Business is booming.

British holidaymakers flock to Mexico

British holidaymakers — starved of long-haul travel for two years during the pandemic — are flocking to Mexico, according to the latest Post Office Holiday Money Report.

Although prices have risen significantly in the country, demand for the Mexican peso at Post Office foreign exchange counters is up by 45 per cent so far in 2022, compared with the same period in 2020.

The increased strength of sterling against certain currencies has made some key destinations better value, such as Phuket, Thailand, where Britons will pay almost almost 12 per cent less than a year ago. Cape Town, South Africa, was rated best-value long-haul destination.

Nick Boden, Post Office head of travel money, said: “The buoyancy of sterling is welcome news as Britons get set to book holidays abroad but, to get the most for their money, they should not only pick destinations where sterling is performing well, but also where the cost of meals, drinks and other tourist staples is low.”

Closer to home, UK tourists will find particularly good value in Turkey and Bulgaria.

The Post Office report rated the Turkish resort of Marmaris as the cheapest to buy a basket of typical tourist goods — a three-course evening meal for two with wine, bottle of beer, glass of wine, can of Coca-Cola, large bottle of water, cup of coffee, sun cream and insect repellent — at £26.13. The most expensive was Reykjavik, Iceland, at £158.16.

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