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Providing tech-savvy digital solutions for commercial lenders


While the need for commercial lenders and brokers to keep in step with mortgage demands continues to intensify, Sikoski is fully cognizant that to process such a high volume of commercial files quickly and efficiently, seamless digital avenues for brokers and commercial lenders need to be in place.

Centralized digital workflow

Sikoski and Bridge Loan Network have had front-row seats to witness the shift in the commercial lending sphere from fairly outdated workflow methods to the increasing use of enhanced digital ‘hubs’ like BLN provides.

By providing a loan management system that is cloud-based and secure, as well as being designed specifically for commercial brokers and their needs, BLN has been encouraging loan originators and brokers to implement its technology to help streamline and speed up the mortgage process.

“When we started [Bridge Loan Network] saw a lot of clients in this industry pretty much utilizing Excel spreadsheets and their Outlook email to conduct their business and their company,” Sikoski stated.

“Customer information was put in Excel files, using that as their CRM and using Outlook folders as their loan file for everything that they needed for a loan. Unfortunately, this information can get lost or expire,” she added.

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