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New York real estate firm sues City over vaccine mandate


The mandate was one of de Blasio’s final acts before stepping down. He cited the emergence of the Omicron variant, holiday gatherings and the colder weather as the main reasons for introducing the mandate, which he described as a “pre-emptive strike” during a TV appearance.

The decision has proved unpopular with some sections of society, mostly anti-vaxxers, who later staged a protest outside de Blasio’s home.

A small gathering of about 25 protestors blocked traffic while chanting “no vaccine mandates” and “my body, my choice”, as the edict also orders that children aged 5-11 have proof of vaccination before being allowed entry to restaurants, movie theatres and other public spaces.

According to reports, mayor Adams did not mention the mandate during a visit on Tuesday to small business in Manhattan, where he signed an executive order to slash red tape and punitive fines in a bid to help firms that have been struggling during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, a law spokesperson for the City reportedly defended the mandate, insisting it had been applied fairly and that it would “survive the legal challenge”.

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