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The WealthStack Podcast: How Advisors Can Use Generative AI

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Artificial intelligence continues to dominate headlines in the wealth management space. But, will it eventually end up replacing everything outside of actual conversations between an advisor and a client? Possibly. Generative AI may still seem intimidating to many, but the reality is the future belongs to those who are willing to learn and implement it correctly. As the world’s first AI-powered GPT assistant [for financial advisors], SIFA is on a mission to automate ongoing communications between advisors and their clients.

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Alan Gurung, CEO and co-founder of SIFA, about how the platform enables advisors to harness data, improve efficiency, and derive insightful analytics from it.

Shannon and Alan discuss:

  • The three ways financial advisors can use SIFA
  • Where AI will be able to replace human tasks
  • How AI makes financial advice more human
  • What regulation and government oversight means for AI initiatives

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About Our Guest:

Alan Gurung, CEO and co-founder of SIFA, a generative AI startup based in London. Gurung started SIFA, which stands for super independent financial advisor, along with a small team of two other machine learning engineers and two student interns.

Gurung worked as an advisor and partner for the large U.K. advisory firm St. James’s Place and sold his book of business to start SIFA, which was built specifically to automate ongoing communications between advisors and their clients.

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