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How ACC Mortgage’s ‘core four’ is redefining non-QM

“I look at a lot of our competitors, and there’s all these spreadsheets for price and product comparisons,” Senko said in a recent interview with Mortgage Professional America. “Humans are humans. You can only process so much information. More is not better. It can be more confusing. Less is more, in my opinion.”

Senko’s “less is more” philosophy resonates throughout ACC’s operations. By focusing on the essentials, ACC eliminates operational friction, enabling loan officers to grasp product intricacies swiftly. This efficiency gives ACC a competitive edge, positioning it as a leader rather than a follower in the non-QM space.

“I want folks to know that we are the oldest non-QM lender in the industry,” he said. “We’re the leaders. We’re not playing catch-up.”

If you want more winning non-QM insights, you can read Senko’s full interview here: ACC Mortgage keeps it simple.

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