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Sunday Night Football Live Stream

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It’s Sunday night, meaning we’ll have another four quarters of prime-time football to enjoy. Keep reading if you want to know how to watch the Cowboys vs. 49ers live stream on Sunday Night Football. 

You could liken tonight’s contest between the Cowboys and 49ers to a heavyweight fight, and it’s the first big one of the season. It’s very possible we’re getting a preview of two playoff teams, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this is meeting one of two between them.

The 49ers come in undefeated, with Brock Purdy stringing together solid quarterbacking performances to aid what seems to be a perpetually scary defense. The Cowboys are a little more seasoned offensively, but they’re also finding a defensive identity with Micah Parsons, who causes absolute mayhem wherever he lines up. This is a classic high-stakes Sunday Night Football clash that should sharpen our picture of the NFC pecking order.

You can catch Sunday Night Football on your local NBC station via over-the-air antenna, cable, or satellite. You can stream the game live via Peacock or a live TV streaming service if you don’t have any of those. Not in the US? We’ll show you how to use a VPN to access affordable live streams below.

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