Business is booming.

Do the world’s mortgage markets have anything in common?

White said the IMBF was established to represent the best interests of brokers in those countries with discussions around their political and regulatory environments, property markets and economies having proven very important in recent years.

“The pandemic was a big conversation, we actually supported each other through the pandemic,” White said.

“By having these conversations, we found out we’re all suffering almost identically, from the same things. Except for Australia, our mortgage broking industry went nuts through the pandemic – [but] most countries suffered.”

He said the pandemic represented a good time for members of the IMBF to offer support so people knew they were “not on their own in this” and had the ability share strategies about how they could combat it.

According to White, one of the fundamental concepts of the IMBF is to take those conversations to regulators and politicians, reminding them “we are part of a global community and the people that are invested [in these conversation] are industry experts”.

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