Business is booming.

The rise of Texas as a real estate powerhouse

Reaching a global audience

“I decided to become a mortgage broker because I knew I could get access to many different wholesale lenders, and that opened up a lot more diversity in my product portfolio,” Zorilla shared. “So I am no longer working with the typical W2 first-time home buyer employee, but I can also offer an array of different products for investors.”

Zorilla highlights the interest from overseas investors, attributing some of this traction to effective digital marketing. 

“We have investors from different parts of the world. They want to buy here, and they don’t necessarily live or work here, but they want to invest in real estate here,” he said. “I use social media [to reach them]. We have an account with different social media platforms, and then we pay for ads.

“I guess nowadays most of your business has to do with social media, but also through relationships that I had already developed with agents who know the portfolio I work with. That is how I get most of my referral business from overseas clients or clients with a very particular loan scenario. They know of my portfolio and see if there’s something I can handle.”

This has enabled Zorilla to tap into a broader clientele base, from local first-time buyers to international real estate enthusiasts.

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