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From golf to mortgages, retail to wholesale

“I’m not scared to take on a challenging deal if it’s going to benefit the buyer,” Bell said. “I don’t care if I’m doing an $80,000 loan or an $800,000 loan – a home is a home. Some people get so stuck on ‘I’m only going to do loans that are $400,000-plus.’ I’m the exact opposite; I want to provide such great customer care that an $80,000 deal might turn into a $400,000 or a $800,000 deal loan down the road. I’m all about providing the best service – no matter what the price point is – for future business.”

He provided an example from last month that illustrates his work ethic. It involved a borrower who was selling his home, ready to go under guidance from a lender – before Bell stepped in and helped structure the transaction for greater financial benefit.

“This person was selling a home and had $200,000 worth of equity,” Bell said. “He planned on putting the $200,000 of equity on the new purchase and they were running into issues with this other lender because the lender didn’t dive into it and dissect what installment and revolving debt they had on their credit report. In this guy’s situation, it made more sense for him to put $100,000 on the home and pay off $100,000 worth of debt.”

Having dived in for a forensic look, he presented his findings to the borrower: “I showed him on paper and sent him a detailed analysis on how this would benefit him in the long term, with how interest rates are and revolving accounts and even paying off a car it put him in a better position monthly.”

For Bell, it’s all in a day’s work: “It’s just taking that extra step and extra time to provide financial literacy to these people,” he said. Bell said he knows his approach helps yield referrals as borrowers experience his work ethic.

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