Business is booming.

From Wall Street market maker to lifelong homeownership partner

In 2021, Black co-founded Revest Homes, a real estate agency that offers pre-sale renovations and staging services, as well as mortgage brokerage services through Revest Loans.

To date, over 8,500 families have turned their homeownership dreams into reality under Black’s guidance. From young couples stepping on to the property ladder for the first time, to disabled veterans looking for a sanctuary, every transaction is a new chapter.

Black’s vast network, which includes realtors, financial service professionals, insurance experts, and other trusted advisors, underscores his emphasis on personalized service. Every client is a unique puzzle, requiring a solution crafted just for them.

“People need custom lending solutions that allow them to feel like they’ve made a good choice and that they’ve been empowered with different tools to help them make the right choice,” Black observed. “So the first thing I always do is really dive deep with someone to get to their needs and understand what their goals are before I start talking about rates, or programs, or housing.

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