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Inside the Notorious Atlanta Jail Where Trump Will Be Booked

  • By August 25, Trump will be booked at a notorious Atlanta jail known as ‘Rice Street.’ 
  • It’s unclear exactly what booking processes Trump will be able to bypass due to his stature.
  • Here’s a look at the conditions the jail is now known for.

By August 25, 2023, former President Donald Trump will be arraigned for a fourth time, this time at an Atlanta jail notorious for its squalid conditions.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told reporters after announcing her sweeping indictment on Monday that she plans to book Trump and the other 18 co-defendants in the jail by noon on August 25.

Though a bond agreement will likely prevent Trump from staying overnight as an inmate, according to The New York Times, Fulton County jail — also known as Rice Street — has a dark history of inmate deaths.

Trump may be able to skirt portions of the typical process due to his stature and with the assistance of the Secret Service and his attorneys, according to the Times. In Manhattan, where he faced a different criminal indictment in April, he bypassed the normal booking processes, such as getting his mugshot taken or being handcuffed.

On Monday, a grand jury indicted Trump and 18 co-defendants with charges including racketeering, conspiracy, and making false statements in a multi-year investigation into attempts to overturn Georgia’s election results in the 2020 election.

Trump has denied wrongdoing in the case.

The jail had four deaths within a week in 2022 and the conditions prompted a Department of Justice investigation into the facility.

“We’re just letting people literally rot away there,” Sarah Flack, a defense attorney in Atlanta, told Insider earlier this month.

In September 2022, Lashawn Thompson, who was held in the jail’s mental health ward, was found dead in a cell ridden with bed bugs with bites all over his body, according to his family’s attorney.

Earlier in August, Fulton County reached a $4 million settlement with Thompson’s family over his death. 

The Georgia jail cell where Lashawn Thompson was found dead.

The Georgia jail cell where Lashawn Thompson was found dead.

Handout from Michael Harper

Robert G. Rubin, a longtime defense attorney, told the Times what the process might look like if Trump is in fact held for a matter of hours, or days.

“It’s miserable. It’s cold. It smells. It’s just generally unpleasant,” Rubin told the Times. “Plus, there’s a high degree of anxiety for any defendant that’s in that position.”

Photos of the jail cell where Lashawn Thompson was held show squalid conditions.

Photos of the jail cell where Lashawn Thompson was held show squalid conditions.

Handout from Michael Harper

As it stands, Trump’s attorneys are negotiating the terms of his surrender with the Fulton County DA, according to CNN.

Willis is seeking to hold the trial on March 4, which is a day before Super Tuesday — one of the most consequential days of the GOP primaries. 

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