Business is booming.

Return to broker channel pays dividends

He would later re-enter the broker space, culminating in his opening of Greenlight Mortgage as president and CEO by September 2022. While he expressed some regret at having left the broker channel in the first place, he acknowledged that it wasn’t what it is today. “The broker world was different back then,” he said. “There was very little support and technology wasn’t available like it is today.”

Despite its nascent status, Greenlight Mortgage is licensed in seven other states in addition to Texas: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota and South Carolina.

His varied experience also prompted him to launch Next Level Loan Officers, meant to empower his fellow professionals. Among the offerings are live weekly coaching calls, a training library, webinars and a tailored app designed to enhance networking skills and the like.

With his second go-around as a broker, it’s back to basics. In his east Texas community of Longview, he’s built a reputation for helping military veterans – a client segment resonating with him given his own past service in the Marines.

He recalled a recent client: “I had a guy I was working with who was a veteran,” he began. “He worked with two or three different lenders  who were telling him he couldn’t purchase a home because of this, or that, or whatever,” he said. “Somehow, he got to me and I told him I’m 90% sure it can be done, but let me just double check.”

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