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Where does a mortgage broker go for leads and referrals?

It sure beats finding a broker via Google, Gormer said during a recent telephone interview with Mortgage Professional America. “It’s innovative because so many people don’t know where to start,” she said of

The problem, Gormer said, is that there is no degree of specificity to such a random Google search, let alone distinctions made among the various types of lenders available. “Many people don’t know the difference between retail and wholesale and a mortgage broker versus a lender,” she said. “ is one place where you can type in ‘I need a loan’ or ‘I’m looking for a mortgage’, they can actually type in their city and state. Those of us that are on who have excellent ratings, reviews, positive experiences, we get pushed to the top just like Google.”

It’s like Google, but better

A search for a borrower in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, for example, would quickly find Gormer in the top tier among those listed for that region of the country. “We’ve had a lot of referrals, and I get a lot of great feedback from people who come to us from,” she said.

Powered by UWM, was created from the belief that working with an independent mortgage broker is the best move for homebuyers, UWM officials wrote on its website. The site yields the ability for a borrower to shop 100s of loan options on their behalf to find a monthly payment that fits their needs.”

Time savings were a main consideration in creating the site, according to UWM. Many borrowers, officials said, don’t think about their mortgages until after they have found a home – causing unwanted and potentially costly delays in the closing process. In using, borrowers are teamed with independent mortgage brokers at the very beginning of the homebuying process.

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