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i-Apply Review | Mortgage Professional

  • i-Apply Workflow Management Module
  • i-Apply Integration Module
  • i-Apply’s Friendly Interface
  • i-Apply Document Management System (DMS)

Here is a closer look at each of i-Apply’s key features:

i-Apply Workflow Management Module

This module gives authorized users the chance to create and maintain workflows for any product. It also allows users to configure the business policy of the mortgage company into its system. Here is a look at how i-Apply’s Workflow Management Module achieves this:

  • Activation date
  • Dynamic workflow balancing
  • Dynamic workflow based on business rules
  • Manual assignment
  • Manual override
  • Manual steps
  • Multiple workflows per product
  • Parallel processing

i-Apply Integration Module

The Integration Module offered by i-Apply provides access to the mortgage industry’s leading data services with just one connection. Using secure channels such as https, ADFS, and SFTPs, the Integration Module can integrate with the following options:

  • APIs exposed
  • Exchange of files
  • Web services
  • XMLs

i-Apply’s Friendly Interface

i-Apply gives users a rich set of HTML5 interfaces for channel and in-house users, from desktop, web-based, tablet, and smartphone. Because information is exchanged between i-Apply and CBS/CRM, users gain the right customer information—like employment information, financial details, collateral management, and valuation.

i-Apply Document Management System (DMS)

i-Apply’s Document Management System (DMS) controls the Loan Documentation File from start to finish. This DMS creates, stores, retrieves, and retains the file, as well as archives it. Additionally, it allows the lender to define and use standard document templates for all types of products.

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