Business is booming.

The supply chain demons have been (mostly) banished

Apollo’s chief economist Torsten Sløk sent around an interesting presentation on supply chains over the weekend, which we thought was worth sharing more widely.

Basically, he thinks the pandemic-triggered period of messed-up supply chains — which led to pricey and delayed shipments for pretty much all of global trade — is now over.

Whether it’s the cost of sending a container between China and the US or Europe . . . 

. . . renting an entire Capesize cargo ship or Supramax carrier . . . 

. . . or the time it takes to unload a vessel . . . 

. . . it seems that supply chains are basically healed, which Sløk argues will help subdue inflation.

Of course, dislocated supply chains were just one factor behind the recent bout of inflation, and was always going to be the easiest one to solve. But every little bit helps. You can find the whole chart extravaganza here.

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