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Is your pension provider giving you the run around?

FT Money wants to hear from readers frustrated with the level of customer service provided by the custodians of our retirement cash. 

Perhaps you are trying to access money inside your pension for the first time, but have been given the run around by providers. 

It could be you are trying to transfer old company pensions into a Sipp, but have been met with a wall of admin — or phone lines that are rarely answered. 

Or maybe your attempts to move into a drawdown plan have been frustratingly slow. 

We would also be interested to hear from financial advisers who are dealing with pensions administration on behalf of their clients and have come up against administrative delays and poor levels of service. 

Either way, we want to hear from you — email us in confidence via and give us your views. We will use your insights to inform our reporting of this story. 

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