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The Best Steam Scream Fest Game Discounts

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  • Steam is holding a massive sale on dozens of popular horror and Halloween-themed games.
  • The sale, called the “Steam Scream Fest,” started on Tuesday and will last until November 1, 2022.
  • During the sale, you’ll find discounts on all the Resident Evil games, indie favorites like Hollow Knight, and more.

Steam is known for two things: Being the absolute best app for playing PC games, and for holding a ridiculous amount of sales.

Halloween is coming up, and Steam is celebrating with another sale holiday: the Steam Scream Fest.

Dozens of horror games are on sale during the Steam Scream Fest

The Steam Scream Fest is a weeklong event filled with discounts for some of the most popular spooky games on the platform.

The titles range from AAA blockbusters like Resident Evil Village, to multiplayer titles like Dead by Daylight. You’ll even find indie hits sprinkled into the mix, like the critically acclaimed “Metroidvania” game Hollow Knight, the highly addicting Vampire Survivors, or the deceptively cute Cult of the Lamb.

A collection of games currently on sale on Steam.

A lot of games have been discounted to less than $10.


Here are some other discounts we’ve found on great games:

You can find most of the discounted games by heading to the Steam Scream Fest homepage.

The event started on Tuesday, and it’ll go until November 1, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST.

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