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Finance of America Reverse, Morningstar partner for educational effort

“We continue to see a shift toward clients looking for financial advisors to provide advice across the balance sheet,” said Kevin Reed, head of strategic platform partnerships at Morningstar. “For many retirees, their home is their most valuable asset, and it deserves to be considered part of a holistic financial plan. We believe that offering access to information about FAR’s range of home equity products within Morningstar Advisor Workstation will enable financial advisors to gain knowledge on reverse mortgages and offer more comprehensive advice to clients.”

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“Financial advisors play a critical role in helping people plan for retirement,” said FAR president Kristen Sieffert. “Teaming with Morningstar will ensure that more advisors are educated about home equity solutions as they create a diverse and long-term financial strategy for their clients. This relationship builds on FAR’s pursuit of a strong connection to the financial advisor community, where we can deepen conversations about home equity as an avenue for people to reach their goals in retirement.

“The need for flexible, customizable retirement solutions is urgent, and working alongside advisors to deliver these vital planning resources to more aging Americans remains our highest priority. I couldn’t be prouder of the work our team is doing to empower people to understand how their home wealth allows them to envision the possibilities of retirement.”

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