Business is booming.

This fintech anticipates broker appetite for wholesale TPO platform

“What really hasn’t happened is the introduction of a platform that helps all of the other wholesale players out there that don’t have ginormous pockets, and time, frankly, to create and save for technology to allow their brokers the same sort of experience and tools” that the larger players have, Smith said.

“What our platform does is it levels the playing field for that. It gives them access to similar, very good, very robust technology … It’s a complete platform where they can live and breathe [and] saves them time, frustration, and man hours on the backside for the wholesale lender.”

Smith added that the platform, by boosting efficiency, is designed to free up account executives to go out and generate more business without having to constantly call, email or fax about their business pipeline.

On the lender side, the platform is also directly integrated with their loan origination systems with little extra work.

“They don’t do anything different,” Smith said. “They keep processing and underwriting files the same way, and that data is pushed back to our platform that their broker partners can use.”

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