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Case study: the Better/Palantir platform partnership

“This is something that is important for us, regardless of everything,” said Armando La Rocca (pictured), Better’s senior vice president of strategy and business operations. “We are talking about changing the industry, changing some of the inherent biases. That’s something that’s important for us whether the mortgage market is doubling in size or shrinking a bit.”

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Better’s technology products and services have focused on streamlining and automating about 70% of the mortgage process so far, and the Tinman Marketplace product continues that strategy, he added.

“As part of this partnership with Palantir, we’ve been working on creating what we call a payment marketplace … as the next evolution of our proprietary loan platform that we’ve been building over the years,” La Rocca said. “They are one of the most sophisticated data firms in Silicon Valley. We see that as a gigantic opportunity to leapfrog that development on our side and we will be able to move from the most archaic system that you see today in terms of loan buying to a much richer interface.”

Palantir builds software designed to help organizations effectively integrate their data, decisions and operations. The Denver, CO-based company doubles down on creating what it bills as “the best user experience for working with data.”

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