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Uber to Let Drivers See What They Can Make From Rides Before Accepting

  • Uber will let drivers see how much they can earn from a trip upfront, Reuters reported.
  • It is offering drivers 7% cashback on fuel costs and will let them choose what areas they work in. 
  • CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said Uber has been too focused on self-driving cars rather than its drivers.

Uber is expanding a program across the US to let drivers see how much they can earn from a trip and routes before they choose to accept or reject a ride request, Reuters reported

The ride hailing company is expanding its “Upfront Fares” feature to about 30 areas in August after it started trialing it in February. The feature could give drivers more control in choosing what trips they reject or incentivizing them to accept those with good payments.

“It’s got to make it worth your time, so the upfront pricing is key information,” Matt Hughes, an Uber driver, told Reuters. 

Uber’s bid to recruit more drivers comes after its CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, said its drivers are “not replaceable” at an event on Thursday. He previously said it paid more attention to developing its own self-driving car rather than its drivers.

Uber came under fire from drivers earlier this year for introducing a fuel surcharge, which they told Insider does not cover their cost of gas. Uber drivers said last month that the high cost of gas has cut their earnings considerably.

Companies have been forced to up their offering to entice drivers back as a result. Uber has now unveiled a debit card to give drivers 7% cashback if they use it to pay for gas, per the report, but it is dependent on their loyalty status. 

It plans to bring back a “Uber Pro” rewards program in the fall to let drivers pick what areas they work in.

The new driver perks could mean greater freedom in choosing from a list of booking requests as well as being transparent with them through weekly earnings recaps, the report said. 

Uber was contacted for comment. 


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