Business is booming.

UWM launches Partner Academy amid market turmoil

“We’re continuing to see exceptional growth within the wholesale channel and having access to customized training for our partners is more important than ever,” Desmond P. Smith, chief growth officer at UWM explained. “Whether looking to onboard a team member new to wholesale or seeking out a quick refresher on social media strategies, this platform provides brokers with an abundance of courses to help grow their business.”

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In a videotaped announcement detailing the academy’s launch, UWM’s president and CEO Mat Ishbia (pictured) said there are some 50 videos in the training platform on nine different subjects. “You can actually earn partner points by completing some of these bundles,” he said excitedly. “We’re giving you on-demand training. You can have this in addition to Success Track. Thank you for the idea!” he concluded, referencing input received from UWM client feedback and insights from the firm’s training team that prompted the academy’s creation.

The platform yields loan originators, processors and their support staff with what officials described as a seamless, step-by-step training experience from which users can quickly access educational content on an array of topics – from how to submit a loan to basic mortgage 101 sessions, compliance training and marketing classes, officials said. 

The Partner Academy complements UWM’s training program dubbed Success Track, which brings 100s of broker partners to the lender’s campus each week. The curriculum has brought on more specialized training for loan officers, processors and broker owners toward the end of positioning them for sustained success, officials said.

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