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Money Clinic Podcast: I hate maths — is that why I’m bad with money?

If you hated maths at school, does it follow that you’ll be bad at managing money as an adult?

On Money Clinic podcast this week, presenter Claer Barrett hears from 22-year-old self-employed graduate Jade who is looking for ways to boost her confidence in both areas.

Just thinking about numbers makes her feel anxious, bringing back memories of not knowing the answer in school maths lessons.

In her adult life, this is affecting Jade’s ability to budget and manage her money as the cost of living rises. Since graduating from university, she’s been put off from applying for jobs that require using spreadsheets.

She’s aware this is holding her back — but how can she face her fear?

Jade’s problem is far from uncommon — half of working age adults in the UK have the numeracy skills expected of a child at primary school, according to the National Numeracy charity.

Ahead of National Numeracy Day this Wednesday, Money Clinic hears from a trio of podcast experts who are “spreading the joy” about improving your numeracy skills.

Bobby Seagull, the TV personality and Britain’s most famous maths teacher, has tips for changing your mindset when you think about maths and numbers — and why having a “big number natter” could help.

Mr MoneyJar, aka Timi Merriman-Johnson, explains why feeling more confident about numbers will improve your financial wellbeing.

And Suzanne Dale, who teaches adult numeracy, explains how listeners can “overcome the inner narrative of self-doubt”.

To take the 10-minute National Numeracy Challenge and download many other free resources, visit the National Numeracy website.

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