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Penny Phillips on the Paralyzation of Financial Advisor Marketing

In this video, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief and executive director of content, WealthManagement.comand Penny Phillips, co-founder, and president, Journey Strategic Wealth, discuss the best marketing strategies to employ based on your ideal client profile.

Highlights from David and Penny’s conversation include:

  • What advisors are getting wrong about marketing today.
  • Why the best advisors are relentless prospectors, obsessed with their business, have conviction in their approach to clients and the market, and create excitement with those potential prospects. 
  • Where do prospects spend their time? Are podcasts, social media, automated marketing campaigns enough for growing their businesses.
  • The oversaturated and commoditized marketplace for advice: If you can’t differentiate on brand name, pricing, product or service, you’ll need to differentiate on emotional intelligence and the ability to connect with your clients.
  • Should you start your marketing journey with podcasting? Or is there an easier way to launch your first marketing campaign?


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