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Cryptocurrency and mortgages – can the two go hand in hand?

Once those exigencies are past, however, she envisions a time of widespread adoption in the not-too-distant future. “I’m talking about the banks and big tech companies integrating crypto,” she said. “Apple Pay will have crypto wallets. Bitcoin to me,” she added, “is like electronic gold.”

Living in the Trump Tower, Marchesoni has become something of a celebrity in the world of crypto. Born in the US, she spent her formative years in Italy. The Europeans, she noted, are more easily convinced on the crypto market of the future, and she acknowledged a greater degree of difficulty in converting many in the US.

Some companies have already made strides into cryptocurrency. Luxembourg-based Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA recently struck an agreement with a cryptocurrency payment and conversion service to facilitate the purchase of homes with digital currency.

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Michael Jansta, chief marketing officer for Altisource, told MPA the agreement with ForumPay makes it easier to buy real estate with cryptocurrency, despite the currency’s volatility. “It’s kind of like buying gold from a dealer during the day while it’s fluctuating. They lock the exchange rate for a couple of minutes, and you put in your credit card or your bank transfer information and you can buy gold. ForumPay does the same thing with cryptocurrency.”

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