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Callout to readers — the shake-up in home and car insurance

Have you renewed your home or motor insurance recently? Did you stay with the same company or switch? FT Money is investigating the impact of the rule changes requiring insurers to stop penalising long-standing customers with higher charges while offering new clients cheap deals.

Since January, companies have been obliged to give their existing clients as good an offer as new customers.

Insurers are finding their way in this new world. And so are clients. If you renewed your policy recently, either with a new company or an existing provider, do get in touch and let us know.

We want to know whether you think the changes are good for you or not. Do tell us whether any reductions in premiums that you may have seen have been accompanied by unwelcome changes in the terms and conditions, such as increases in excess levels.

Give us your opinion — is this a reasonable boost to consumer protection or interference in a market that was already heavily regulated?

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