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UWM’s Memory Maker product aims for the personal touch

It’s all about those LO partner points

Gifts are accessible through what are called “LO partner points,” DeCiantis said. “Through our partner point program, we have for years allowed partners to redeem partner points to send a closing gift to the borrower,” she told MPA during a telephone interview. “It was in a separate platform from where they’re doing the loan transaction. Although it got great adoption, we decided ‘how do we make it a little bit easier?”

The key lies in streamlining: “So now the Memory Maker is actually inside of EASE, which is our LOS, allowing the broker to select what they want to send to the borrower right from the closing screen,” she said. “We’ve made it easier for them to access that platform and faster to get that done.”

Product enhanced announced during AIME gathering

Mat Ishbia, UWM’s CEO and chairman, detailed the launch of an improved Memory Maker during the annual FUSE conference staged in Las Vegas by the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME). Concurrently, he also announced significant enhancements to his company’s loan processing support service dubbed PA+ that was originally launched in May of this year. The program now allows independent mortgage brokers and their processors to choose which part of the loan process they would prefer a UWM loan coordinator to handle.

“One, we’ve made it easier for them to access that platform,” DeCiantis said. “We’ve made it faster for them to get it done so that it’s top of mind. Now they don’t have to remember ‘oh shoot, I closed that loan yesterday or two days ago. I have to go to a different platform and make sure I send a closing gift’.”

She pointed to other capabilities beyond gifts. “In addition to the closing gifts, we now offer the emails – which are free – and we also have the handwritten notes. Both the email and the handwritten notes can go to a borrower as well as the real estate agent on the transaction.”

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