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From finding to flipping – a complete guide to fix and flip properties

Keeping renovations neutral will apply mostly to painting. Giving the inside of the property a facelift with a new coat of paint in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms is a big step in the right direction if it is done correctly. Be sure to pick colors that plenty of buyers will appreciate. Having a potential buyer love a home but then get to a pivotal point such as the bedroom and be unhappy with the paint color would be a major letdown for an investor looking to sell. Whites and off-whites are usually the safest choices, but other acceptable options include soft greys, blues, yellows, and greens. Veering away from white can be riskier, but with these soft colors they remain closer to neutral and keep the brightness of the room at an acceptable level.

The same can be said for the kitchen and living rooms. The whites and off-whites play really well during showings and the ability to add light to the room with the color of the paint is a big bonus that investors can use to their advantage. These light and inviting tones entice buyers to act quickly and in the back of their minds they are thinking less work for them once they purchase the property.

Much like neutral paint colors, modern light fixtures and appliances can go a long way as well to securing interested buyers at a much faster pace. The more modern an appliance or fixture is, the longer the homeowner can go without making any updates of their own. Buyers don’t always go into a house expecting to critique something as minimal as light fixtures, but once they see a sleek, modern-looking fixture they get excited about the little things and notice them more throughout the viewing. Other renovations such as brand-new appliances which include ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers are a nice touch as well and never fail to impress potential buyers.

Modern and neutral renovations are about appealing to the masses. Paint and light fixtures can be inexpensive and while it is true, top of the line appliances can get pricy, it can also lead to more people wanting to buy. These bidding wars to secure the investor’s newly renovated property can make up for spending a little bit more to freshen everything up and make the property truly feel brand new.

Setting up success with staging strategies

It is crucial that investors don’t get too locked into renovations that they forget about the staging of the property. A staged property allows potential buyers to better envision what the home could look like if they decided to buy it. If the property is not in pristine condition, it can sometimes render the work and renovations irrelevant.

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