Business is booming.

The thrill of the deal: Navigating real estate investment financing

Acknowledging the impact of elevated mortgage rates on his business, Groomes said: “There’s slowing down a little bit, and uncertainty looms. But we just really have to make sure that our underwriting is strong, and as long as our underwriting is strong, we can stick to our guns for what we know, and that’s going to go a long way right now.”

At Lima One Capital, Groomes focuses on fix and flip projects, bridge loans for one to four-unit properties, and multifamily bridge loans for up to nine units. He also works with ground-up developments and build-to-rent deals.

Hailing from the vibrant southeast region, Groomes has witnessed firsthand the boom in real estate markets across states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. These states, he noted, have become hotspots for investors seeking lucrative opportunities.

While residential properties remain a significant draw, Groomes highlighted a growing interest in commercial spaces, particularly in areas undergoing urban revitalization. “There’s a shift happening,” he observed. “Investors are seeing the long-term potential in commercial properties, especially in areas that are being reimagined and redeveloped.”

But what sets Groomes apart in this competitive landscape? His ability to adapt, innovate, and consistently deliver results. He emphasized the importance of understanding the market, the neighborhood, and the potential return on investment.

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