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Can TikTok really lead to mortgage success?

“I have brokers now kind of reversing the roles, and instead of me reaching out to them, they’re reaching out to me, which is great because we always want to have those warmer introductions, and it’s always better to start a relationship that way,” he said.

While Fisher’s primary focus has been on Instagram, he’s expanded his reach across various platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and even WhatsApp, tapping into its community feature for status updates and quick videos.

It’s not just about simply posting videos, however. Fisher’s content strategy is deeply rooted in understanding his audience’s needs. He recalls a video he made about the NYPD’s new contract and pay increase, which garnered about 65,000 views between TikTok and Instagram.

“I made a video on that, and between TikTok and Instagram, I had about 65,000 views on it, and about 2,000 people shared the video, and about 50 people reached out to me directly from that video,” Fisher said. “It’s a much better use of my time. I feel that doing that creates instant credibility with all my referral partners and past clients, and also it’s another avenue to drive leads in business besides realtor partners and past clients.

“I even share my Instagram page with everyone: my realtor partners, and all. There’s no guarantee they’ll use you for your services just because you pre-approved them. But if they’re constantly seeing my face, and me as a valuable resource and someone who really knows what they’re doing, they’re more likely to be stickier and stay with me. So, it serves a few different purposes.”

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