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Twenty-five years in mortgage – veteran takes on new role

Most recently, Wood served as vice president of servicing at non-QM lender Angel Oak. She also spent more than five years overseeing foreclosed and bankrupt accounts at a non-agency lender that was acquired by Morgan Stanley and is now part of PHH Mortgage. She began her career at a mobile home lender, where she rose to become collection and credit manager.

CBC Mortgage Agency’s president, Miki Adams, extolled the breadth of Wood’s experience: “Alicia has deep roots in non-agency and government mortgage servicing and the timing couldn’t be more perfect to bring her on as we enter into an exciting time of growth for our company,” Adams said in a prepared statement. “Alicia is a talented and accomplished professional whom we are fortunate to be able to add to our new leadership team.”

Adams pointed to several other significant hires and promotions, noting that women now account for 70% of the management team. Other recent executive additions include: Pam Cooper, chief financial officer; Cari Zwick, promoted to national program director; Kira Gissell, promoted to communications and public relations director; Diana Hart, director of investor relations and fulfillment; and Latrese Flowers, program management and compliance officer.

Promoting women in a male-dominated field

The female-dominant management ranks are not lost on Wood, who has served on the board of Women in Legal Leadership, part of the American Legal and Financial Network (ALFN) – a national body of legal and residential mortgage banking professionals which leads the industry as  provider of strategic and timely education.

“It’s been great,” she said of her new environs where women are given such prominent roles. “I love working with the group that we have. Anything [CBC Mortgage Agency’s president] Miki [Adams] and the rest of us can do to foster that type of camaraderie and that type of focus on mentoring and coaching women up through management channels is a wonderful thing. It’s very much a subject I feel strongly about, and anything I can participate in to lift my peers up in that manner, I definitely love to take advantage of.”

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