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Top 10 Loan origination software to use


Founded in 1991 by Doug Chang, Calyx Software brought together the top minds in both the mortgage industry and the tech space to develop a top-tier, industry-specific software. That software streamlines every step in the mortgage loan origination process.    

Depending on your needs, Calyx Point, Calyx PointCentral, and Calyx Path offer numerous features to make your life easier. Not only does Calyx Software optimize the loan origination process from start to finish, but it also offers key features like custom workflows, document management, loan tracking, internal audit features, centralized reporting, and granular access rights, among many others. 

Read our Calyx Software review to see if it is the right choice for you. 


BankPoint was founded in 1999 as VSI Solutions, Inc. In 2002, this LOS company started working with lenders and financial institutions to develop expertise in banking and banking systems. By 2007, VSI began a partnership with a newly acquired bank to develop a portfolio management solution and a loan review. Now, BankPoint boasts users at financial institutions across the US that range in size from $100 million to $40 billion in assets. The numbers speak for themselves. 

As loan origination software, BankPoint has numerous features that can instantly make life easier for banks and non-bank lenders of all types. Not only does it deliver a seamless workflow and automation for the entire life of a loan, but it also offers key features like tracking customer interaction history and post-review recommendations, among many others. 

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