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Five trends to watch in home flipping

A growing number of investors in real estate means you can expect to see increased competition for home flipping. You’re most likely going to be competing with other investors in your market, which makes it very difficult to find properties worth flipping, and also means you will need to stay on top of your game. Be sure to keep an ear to the ground for good deals by checking real estate listings regularly. Another key strategy will be building a strong network of real estate oriented professionals that can find you the best deals before they ever hit the open market.

Trend #2: More focus on sustainability and energy efficiency

One of the latest trends on the rise in real estate is an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency in homes. Besides reducing the monthly costs of the property, it can also add value to it. You can incorporate this into a home flip by replacing all lighting and appliances with more energy and water-efficient versions. You can also take this one step further by replacing insulation in an older home to heat and cool it more effectively.

Trend #3: The growing popularity of virtual staging

Staging is the act of furnishing rooms in a property so as to show off their potential to buyers. Staging a property tends to catch the attention of viewers browsing online listing services which can lead to a higher sale price. With modern technology, it’s possible to virtually stage photos of your property without actually purchasing any furniture. Along with taking high quality pictures of your renovated property, this can attract significantly more attention to the listing when it comes time to sell.

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