Business is booming.

Fairway Independent continues expansion into reverse lending

“Having Roxanne certified to offer HECM Reverse Mortgages is exciting for us as we at Fairway believe reverse mortgages are an underutilized tool in retirement planning,” Heichel added.

Over the past few months, the retail lender has brought in new hires to its reverse mortgage leadership team to expand its business. Most recently, Fairway appointed Dan Ventura as vice president of reverse operations and Tane Cabe as president of reverse lending.

“Reverse mortgages are a safe financial tool that allow seniors access to the equity they’ve spent a lifetime building up in their homes,” Hellickson said in the company’s news release.  “I’m so excited to explain to my senior clients how this kind of loan can change their lives, allowing them to tap into money they can use for home improvements, travel, or for anything else, all while knowing they will never lose their house.”

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