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From receptionist to broker-owner | Mortgage Professional

It was that attention to detail and work ethic that would fuel her rise. “Over time, I worked my way through every position in the brokerage,” she said. “My broker actually ended up moving into politics and retired, so I took it over from him.”

But she had to go through the ranks gradually: “After about three years of moving through smaller operations roles, I went ahead and got licensed. I loved originating, and then took over ownership about 10 years into my start there.” She posted an impressive $85 million in volume last year.

It never gets old

She’s a broker to be sure, but her heart is in originating: “My favorite part of it is I get to literally help my neighbors move into homeownership when most of us are never taught how to do that,” she said. “The high schools don’t provide people that education, neither do the colleges. So it feels good to help provide them with information to prepare themselves and eventually move into homeownership.”

Now 42, Boland said she never tires of seeing families clutch the keys to their new homes she helped them achieve: “It feels good every time,” she said. “Every new family that I see getting their keys – it’s incredibly rewarding, and I get to see after some tenure here in the local market people’s kids doing the same thing and their aunts and uncles.”

Rewards both tangible and intangible

Such intangible rewards abound. But Boland has also received tangible awards along the way, most recently at the Hall of AIME gathering in Naples, Fla., that took place from Jan. 26-28. Staged by the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts, the event showcased the group’s top producers. Boland received a so-called Impact award for her efforts in bringing more women into the mortgage industry fold.

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