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How five jobs and an infant turned into broker success

Working in better times

Since June 2022, Tetzner has worked as a mortgage broker for Mortgage Nerds. Her day-to-day experiences there are a far cry from those during the Great Recession. Once a month, she volunteers her time at the local homeless shelter during which she provides insights into securing the dream of homeownership.

“Doing mortgages is very important to me,” she said. “I’m known for service and communication and really holding people’s hands to teach them,” she said. “I’m very much about education. My business is centered around teaching.”

She mentioned her husband, also a broker, who volunteers at NeighborWorks Green Bay, a non-profit providing homeownership preparation services, down payment and closing cost assistance lending, community-interest real estate development, and other services. She described the type of impact her own volunteer at the homeless shelter can have.

“Through teaching those classes, I met this woman who at the time was homeless and had five children,” Tetzner began. “We talked for years and did credit repair that required a ton of handholding. I eventually was part of the team to help her close on a home in Milwaukee. After that occurred – a year after she had closed on her house – she spoke at an event, a dinner event where people buy a table to raise money for a non-profit. I remember sitting at my table just crying, hearing this woman talk about actually becoming a homeowner.”

Currently, she’s brainstorming with a maker of modular, manufactured housing on ways to convince county officials to allow such affordable housing to be installed. If anyone can accomplish this, its likely Tetzner.

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