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Why is training staff such a problem for employers?

However, only 23% of learners and 22% of leaders view their organization’s current workplace training as extremely effective, finds the survey of more than 1,200 professionals from the US and UK, conducted in July and August.

“A lot of organizations are used to collecting what we could train our people on… but individuals want to be connected to something, to a mission, to a purpose,” said Steven Angelo-Eadie, head of learning Services, Emergn. “If you don’t know why [the training is] important, then it will feel like it’s a drain on your time and your energy.”

‘Absolute necessity ‘

In Australia, L&D has also grown in prominence for organizations.  Where once upskilling was seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s now an absolute necessity with employees craving personalized, digitized development.

In hybrid and remote work, only the very best tech will do, which is something Arbaz Nadeem, global field and growth marketing manager at Whatfix, understands all too well.

“With the remote and hybrid work culture setting in for most companies, training employees on the complex applications they use every day is becoming a big problem. You can’t bank on physical classroom-led training anymore, hence companies now need to make sure that learning and training are happening in the flow of work and in a way that learners learn in a very personalized manner,” said Nadeem.

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