Business is booming.

Blue Sage’s digital lending platform combines two key elements

“We’re continuing to hire, unlike many others in our space,” McDuffee said. “We are …  averaging the same number of loans that we did last year, so we think that [our] down market performance is a testament to having a platform that can pivot.” The platform has drawn interest on the mortgage side, for example, but also from clients dealing with home equity lines of credit – a part of the business that has shown resilience and even increased interest during the downturn.

“Some of our customers have really focused on the home equity space, tripling their volume since last year,” McDuffee said. “That’s a testament to having a modern proven platform like ours.”

During this period, Blue Sage has seen a “very large” uptick in credit union clients seeking to update their technology.

“They have access to liquidity [and are] looking for a combined platform that supports more to do,” he added.

The company also targets the top 300 mortgage companies including independent mortgage lenders and bankers and has engineered 17 implementations of its platforms and counting, McDuffee added.

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