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Biden Calls Out Lindsey Graham for Predicting Trump-Related Violence

  • Biden hit out at people like Sen. Lindsey Graham for predicting violence should Trump be indicted.
  • “Where the hell are we?” asked Biden while referring to Graham’s comments.
  • Graham had said there would be “riots” if Trump was prosecuted for mishandling classified documents.

President Joe Biden hit out at Sen. Lindsey Graham this week for predicting an outbreak of violence if former President Donald Trump were to be charged with a crime.

“No one expects politics to be patty cake, it sometimes gets mean as hell,” said Biden in a speech on Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

“But the idea that you turn on a television and see senior senators and congressmen saying if such and such happens, there will be blood in the street,” Biden continued. “Where the hell are we?”

While Biden didn’t mention Graham by name, the South Carolina senator was heard on Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America” saying that there would be “riots in the streets” if Trump were to be prosecuted for “mishandling classified information.” Graham had been referring to the documents that the FBI seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence during a raid earlier this month.

During his Fox News appearance, Graham also claimed without substantiation that there was a “double standard” when it came to federal law enforcement, citing Meta’s handling of a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop after an FBI warning.

“Most Republicans including me, believe when it comes to Trump, there is no law. It’s all about getting him,” he said.

Graham responded to Biden’s comments during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News, saying he “rejects violence” while accusing Vice President Kamala Harris of “bailing out rioters” — a reference to those arrested in Minnesota for protesting over the death of George Floyd.

This was an erroneous claim as Harris didn’t post bail for the protesters but instead asked people to “chip in” to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help post bail for them.

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