Business is booming.

Product showcase: Vontive’s investment mortgage platform

In other words, the partners embed Vontive into their systems, and then white label the company’s mortgage business they market to end users.


One such partner is PadSplit, a rent-by-the-room venture-backed marketplace that offers clean, modern furnished rooms for rent to community members at an affordable weekly fee. The site has hosts who put properties on the platform and others looking to rent rooms. Vijaykumar noted that PadSplit carriers a mortgage option for people who bring real estate onto the platform who want to explore a PadSplit mortgage. Vontive is the fulfillment company behind that.

Vontive also partners with Fixated Funding, an asset-based lender that helps real estate investors close deals and is based in the Pacific Northwest. That company has launched a mortgage arm and Vontive serves as the fulfillment entity.

Vontive funds mortgages using its own balance sheet and then manages the risks. At this point the company has forged 30 partners, with plans to grow the partner base further over the course of the year and beyond, Vijaykumar said.

Multi-tenancy and other tech elements

Vontive’s cloud-based technology is driven by four major concepts, Vijaykumar said.

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