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What’s more critical than ever in the mortgage industry?

A recent article by Deloitte describes the complexity, which yields a glimpse into the work Jornaya performs for its lender clients: “It is the chief information security officer’s (CISO) responsibility to keep sensitive information and assets secure,” the article reads. “At the other end of the spectrum, the chief marketing officer (CMO) is responsible for creating innovative and integrated marketing strategies that drive engagement. But the two departments have more in common than you might think. To improve the customer experience and offer personalized service, they need to realize they’re on the same team and unite their efforts.”

Mullen agrees with the summation. “Big picture: We’re helping marketers create exceptional experiences for their customers and consumers they care about by helping them target the right person with the right message at the right time, all while holding up high standards for security and respecting the consumer’s privacy and preferences and their permission.”

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Once provided with consumers’ potential goals: “We can provide data through those experiences to really enable brands to know as much as they can about that consumer’s experiences and help the consumer in the way the consumer wants to be helped all while protecting themselves and the consumers,” Muller said.

Knowing consumers’ goals invariably comes from leads, and that’s where Jornaya steps in. “Helping them have the level of confidence around the consumers they’re engaging with from a lead environment, whether they’re generating leads or buying leads in the mortgage space,” Muller explained. “Are they confident in the quality of the leads that they are generating or purchasing through their partner networks?” Mullen asked rhetorically. “And are they doing everything they can to protect themselves and consumers from a compliance perspective?”

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