Business is booming.

Digital mortgage platform CEO views company offerings as ‘recession proof’

Independent mortgage brokers constitute most of LenderHomePage’s customer base, though the company also markets to midmarket independent lenders as well.  That translates into more than 2,600 mortgage companies with whom LenderHomePage does business.

The company’s point-of-sale platform and mobile app and separate sign on for social media emerged only in the last few years.

The mobile app, rolled out in 2014, served as a marketing tool loan officers used with real estate agents and borrowers. LenderHomePage’s point-of-sale platform came out in 2019 – with a priority on using good design to maximize the user experience.

“We needed to [give] a lender or mortgage broker a unique and ubiquitous experience for their borrowers, whether they came in through their social media at the website, the mobile app or the point of sale,” Foroutan said. “We created a single sign-on platform [and] connected all of our services [and] touch points that a consumer will have, into one back-end experienced for the customer.”

Behind-the-scenes technology that helped to accomplish this include the PHP & LAMP Stack – programming typically used in areas including e-commerce and building online communities. JavaScript is also another important tool that helps make the mobile device and overall system simple and easy.

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