Business is booming.

Where do landlords think the UK property market is going?

Britain’s buy-to-let landlords have seen rising yields on their property investments as demand for rental homes has soared and available stock remains tight.

But as the cost of living crisis intensifies, inflation hits double digits and the UK is expected to fall into recession later this year, questions are growing over the sustainability of high employment and tenants’ ability to afford the monthly rental bill.

Landlords have taken a cut in their earnings under recent tax changes, but are also facing higher mortgage payments as interest rates rise and new regulations loom on tenancies and energy efficiency.

FT Money is looking to speak to landlords who are considering whether to sell some or all of their portfolio and take profits at a time of record house prices — or those who have already done so this year.

But we also want to hear from investors who think now is the moment to double down on the sector, buying more homes in the belief that tenant demand will persist.

We would be pleased to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch, email a few words about your situation to We will keep your message in confidence.

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