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FirstFT: Investors sell stakes in buyout funds at a record pace

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Good morning. Investors are selling stakes in private equity and venture capital funds this year at the fastest pace on record, as the downturn in equities spreads to private markets that boomed thanks to low interest rates.

Pension and sovereign wealth funds were among sellers of $33bn worth of stakes in private funds in the first six months of 2022, up from $19bn in the same period in 2021, typically selling them below face value, according to Jefferies.

The sell-off follows a decade of surging allocations to private markets, which have grown since the financial crisis and cover buyout firms, venture capital and real estate funds.

The stake shedding also casts doubts on the ability of these groups to sustain the fundraising that has transformed them into a major force in global dealmaking.

Pension funds said the shift to ditch stakes was partly triggered by steep declines in stock markets, which left portfolios too exposed to buyout funds and other private investments whose value has not been marked down in the same way.

Column chart of Fund stakes sales ($bn) showing The private markets sell-off

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1. US Senate passes Biden’s $700bn economic package The climate, tax and healthcare bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act was passed by a margin of 51 to 50 after a marathon overnight voting session that gave President Joe Biden a major political victory just months before midterm elections.

2. UK investment fund largely backed ‘zombie businesses’ The government’s £1.1bn Covid-19 venture capital fund has been mostly invested in what one director called “zombie businesses”, leaving it with “a significant tail of dormant companies”, according to documents seen by the Financial Times.

3. Russian interference suspicions hang over Italy elections Italian cabinet minister Mara Carfagna defected from Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia to the centrist Azione party over suspicions that Vladimir Putin played a role in the country’s political crisis in retaliation for ousted prime minister Mario Draghi’s tough stand on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • In Turkey: Western capitals are alarmed by deepening ties between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Putin, raising the prospect of penalties if the Nato member helps Moscow evade sanctions.

4. Israel and Islamic Jihad announce Gaza truce Following three days of the worst violence in more than a year, Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have agreed a ceasefire. The truce, which was brokered by Egyptian officials, was due to take effect at 23.30 local time last night.

5. European men struggle to access monkeypox jabs People are crossing borders to obtain inoculations as authorities struggle to provide doses because of severe vaccine shortages and increasing case numbers. LGBT+ groups have accused the UK Health Security Agency of failing to secure enough doses to protect at-risk groups.

The day ahead

Corporate earnings News Corp releases fiscal-year results, while Porsche publishes results for the first half. Quarterly earnings are due for AIG, NTT Group and BioNTech.

Joe Biden visits Kentucky The US president has said he will visit eastern Kentucky to visit families affected by fatal floods. At least 37 people died and hundreds were displaced in the state following record rainfall in July.

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Line chart of Claims and expenses as % of premiums, above 100% is an underwriting loss showing Climate and Covid have squeezed the reinsurance sector

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