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Robot made: Audience’s ‘handwritten’ notes

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“Robots write in totally human handwriting, but in very clear penmanship, so you’re making life easy on the recipient,” observed Audience founder and CEO Jesse Stein (pictured). “Then we do all kinds of things with the data that you cannot do as an individual where we find all the email addresses, all the social [media] handles, all the note recipients. We do all the beautiful part of the graphics, and everything’s done. We stamp, we seal … we send. Everything is completely on autopilot already.”

The company employs 15 people so far. Between 30% and 35% of its clients are real estate agents, and 20% come from the mortgage side of things. Other clients work in related areas, including escrow title insurance, real estate attorneys, wealth managers, ecommerce sites and other categories. Its number of clients now exceeds 1,000, Stein said.

An actual machine

Audience uses elaborate machines driven by robotic technology to complete its custom marketing notes, with pens attached in a mini-assembly line fashion.

“It’s an actual machine with tons of software – we’ve had four software engineers for three years now,” Stein explained.

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