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The Search for Inflation Protection with Real Assets

We are experiencing our highest inflation levels in over 40 years and despite drastic measures by the Fed, we expect that inflation will remain elevated for some time. Many client portfolios were allocated for an environment where inflation was non-existent and accommodative policies helped foster robust economic growth and a strong equity market.  But as conditions change to point towards slowing growth along with higher inflation, investors are growing concerned and want to know how you’re protecting their investment portfolios. Financial advisors everywhere are searching for strategies that adapt to current market dynamics.


In this upcoming webcast, is joined by VanEck’s David Schassler, Matt Barley from TIFIN Wealth, and Jean Paul Lagarde from Advisor Resource Council to examine how advisors can protect client portfolios during times of inflation. 

Topics will include: 

  • What’s driving inflation – and why it’s likely to stay higher for longer
  • How the current environment is similar and different to previous inflationary periods
  • How to find exposure to real assets to help mitigate inflation risk

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David Schassler

Head of Quantitative Investment Solutions



Matt Barley, RICP® – Moderator

Director of Advisor Sales

Magnifi by TIFIN


Jean Paul Lagarde

Chief Investment Officer

Advisor Resource Council (ARC)


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