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How Much Gas Costs for 11 Luxury Cars.

  • Americans have endured high gas prices over the summer.
  • The US Department of Energy tracks gas mileage for different types of cars.
  • Insider selected 11 high-end cars to see how much a short, 200-mile, road trip would cost. 

Summer is traditionally a time for road trips. But with fuel prices skyrocketing over the past few months, many Americans have been left feeling a pinch every time they hit the fuel pump.

The good news is, as of Tuesday, gas prices had dropped for 21 days straight, and as of Friday the nationwide average for regular stood at $4.721, according to AAA. Still, that’s $1.58 a gallon more than we were paying a year ago, and many drivers may continue to feel they need to be millionaires to justify a long, non-essential driving trip.

But how do rising gas costs impact those who can afford the most luxurious and expensive cars on the market?

The United States Department of Energy publishes detailed gas mileage information on different cars. Insider compiled a list of select luxury vehicles — looking at categories like upscale and luxury sedans, as well as sports cars — and calculated how much money it would cost to drive 200 miles in each vehicle.

Here’s how much a short road trip costs in some of the hottest late-model gasoline-powered luxury rides.  

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